Thursday, January 13, 2011

Our Day Has Come - Fencing Is Done!

Hello McCarren Dog Run Users,

I am happy to announce the last of the snow fencing has been replaced with historical fencing, the project is completed and the big run is now safe for all dogs (Small one's like Wizard and Otto and the Big One's like Mack and Duke).   With the project completion, we owe some long over due thank yous.

First, to our friend and Assemblyman Joe Lentol.   He was the spark that made this project a possibility. Thank you Joe for looking out for the local dogs!

Next, to our friends at Open Space Alliance.   Thank you Julia who managed the bidding and installing process.   We know how hard all of this is from our own efforts to install of chain link fencing in both the small and big run.   Thank you Stephanie for keeping the McCarren dog run on OSA's agenda.   And thank you to OSA's board for the funds and leadership to getting it done.   And last but not least, a big thank you to the OSA park workers who dug out several feet of dirt for the fence to be installed and attending to the important details like rat wire and painting.   

The dogs have had their day ...

We look forward to working with OSA & Parks to get the drainage project done in the Spring.  


Christine (Valencia & Ursula)