Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Clean Up this Saturday 6/16 Hosed by Happy Dogs

I am SO HAPPY to share about our partnership with Happy Dogs.

Starting this Saturday, McCarren Dog Run Association and Happy Dogs
are hosting a community clean-up on Saturday, June 16 from 10:30AM to

Happy Dogs is coordinating the clean up which includes Urban Rusic
providing refreshments and yummy food. In addition to tidying up the
dog runs and fixing up the benches, we will pull down some of the
chips from the perimeter of the runs to make the runs more leveled*.
All the necessary tools such as rakes and shovels will be provided.
We have also requested more chips from the Parks Department.

Come and join us to make McCarren Park dog runs a  clean and healthy
place for our dogs!

Can't make it on Saturday?   Email me and I will either get you a key
for the new tools or share the secret spot  and you can organize your
own clean up.   It is really important to pull down the chips from the
perimeter so we don't have bowl effect that results in puddles.*

Hope to see y'all!

Christine & the Demon Dogs

*  check out http://mcdogrun.blogspot.com/2012/06/digging-out-sides.html

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Want Chips?

New chips have been ordered BUT Parks can't/won't bring them into the big dog run unless we clear out the area near the gates at Driggs and Union. All of the old chips piled up at the gates near Union and Driggs must be moved into the dog run. The run surface needs to be at the same level as the sidewalk for the truck to drive in.
What needs to happen:
Volunteers from the dog run need to use the tools by the entrance gates to pull those piles of chips to other parts of the run. The quickest method is to put the chips on the tarp and drag them to the center of the run or to the far corner to cover the drainage membrane and piping. The work needs to be done in the next seven (7) days for the Dog Run to be able to get chips.

How will you help? Or will you just expect someone else to do this? If no one can get it together to do this, no chips.

Please feel free to share the above email with your dog run friends who might not be on the google group. To join the google group, send a request to mcdogrun@gmail.com.

Monday, January 30, 2012

The Drainage really works!

I believe you can never say Thank You enough ... Thank you OSA for your support and this letter. Thank you to everyone who donated and believed. Thank you to our local pet stores - Happy Dogs at McCarren Park, PS9 Pet Supplies and NYCPets.com.