Friday, February 17, 2006

New Benches / New Message Board

A big thanks to Justin (Lucy) at "Build it Green" for donating the two, new and improved benches in the run. Check out to find out more about Justin's really cool organization. Also a really big thanks to Shane (Madison) for donating his time and his truck to go pick up the benches and bring them to the run. Shane is a great photographer as you can see from this great photo he took of his girl Madison shown above mid-sneeze. Check out his other photography at:
you can reach shane re: his photography at:

In other news, Hilary (Eliott) was able to get a message board that someone was throwing out at her work. It's quite large. She is in the process of painting it to match Park Specifications and arranging for Jose and the Parks Dept. to mount it to the fence. This will make it easier for us to communicate with eachother. Please check the message board when you visit the run for updates and feel free to post something for the group. The only rule is that it must be dog related. Anything that doesn't have to do with the dogs will be removed.


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