Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Meeting Minutes


Meeting of the McCarren Dog Run Association
Sunday, March 18th – 6:00PM
PS9 Pet Supplies

Attendees: Hilary Ketchum & Deron Bos (Eliott), Christine Murray (Valencia), Kim Muniz (Winston), John (Spike), Adam Berkowitz & Kim Woody (Stella), Tracey Fisher (Maggie & Panda), Colin Miller (Marley & Henry), Melissa Weidemann (Brodie), Bob Grady & Rebecca Poole (Bob Walks Dogs), Tannise Palmer (Partnerships for Parks)

The Meeting was lead by Hilary.

· General overview: what we've accomplished & where we're headed

Hilary talked about where we started over a year ago when we first met in January of ’06. There was no association of the McCarren Dog Run and we were badly in need of one. We began with committees but that quickly dissolved to a few key people managing the Dog Run, mainly Hilary and Christine – with help of others. We’ve accomplished a great deal since we began. Successful fundraising allowed for: securing the small dog run with range fencing and double gates, new benches, message board, garbage cans, new gate/latch for larger run.

The most important accomplishments have been the relationships we have build with the Parks Department and NYC Dog the umbrella organization for Dog Runs city wide. NYC Dog allows us to have 501c3 (non-profit) status and offers support on all matters.

Tannise from the Partnership for Parks explained her position as our contact at her organization and talked about how she continue to facilitate our clean ups.

· New Dog Run Manager
Hilary announced that she would be stepping down as Dog Run Manager. We need a replacement but no one has volunteered. In the mean time different individual jobs will be delegated to different people.

· Clean up/Work Party Schedule & Managers
Kim (Winston) & Chris (Lucy) have volunteered to take over the management of Clean up/Work Parties. Adam and Kim (Stella) have volunteered to assist them. They will be in charge of contacting Jose from the Parks Department to order wood chips & tools, posting signs, sending out an e-mail to remind the group & asking the website manager to post a notice on the website.

· Website/Google Group Manager
John (spike) has volunteered to take over the management of the website. Rebecca (Bob Walks Dogs) has offered to take over the management of the Google Group.

· Grant money & Fence repair
We have been awarded a $1,000 Capacity Fund Grant from Partnerships for Parks. This money is to go towards replacing the snow fence on the curve going that leads out to Driggs Ave. in the large run. Hilary will continue to work with the Parks Department to see this project to completion. Christine will assist her.

· Rules Signs
The issue of rules signs was brought up. It was suggested that a committee be formed to decide which rules should be posted. Other Dog Runs such as Thompkins Square and Union Square, should be observed as an example. Funds would have to be raised to pay for the signs and the Parks Department would need to give final approval on the signs before they were created and installed. We need a volunteer to head this committee.

· Health Issues (Giardia, Lymes Disease)
Giardia and Lymes Disease are the two major health concerns in McCarren Park. Large signs should be posted in conjunction with the Parks Department to warn people of the dangers. We need a volunteer to follow through with this project.

· Small Run Use
The small dog run is being used by small dogs more and more. We have started the “Small Dog Playgroup” on Saturday from 10am – 12pm and on Sundays from 12pm – 2pm. It has become hugely popular. Now that more small dog owners are becoming used to going in the small dog run, they are using it more during other times as well. This is a good thing as it is safer for the small dogs and less annoying to the large dogs in the large run and allows for the large dogs to have more space to run and play. The small dog run can still be used by owners with aggressive dogs but only if no small dogs are using it.

Meeting adjourned at 7:15pm.

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