Sunday, August 09, 2009

New Bench & A Big THANK YOU

A Big THANK YOU for Billy (Oscar) for designing & building our newest and, I would say, most appealing bench in the large run. Of course, a big thanks to Terrance (Gabriel) for helping out with the building, Paul (Moo) for the much needed wrench to put it together, Nachshon (Ziggy) for driving the bench to the run, and Bear's owner for carrying it into the run & helping to put it together.

Great team effort!

Billy & his team will be making another bench for the large run and one or two smaller benches for the small run. There is still time to donate to underwrite the cost of the construction of these benches or for the upcoming big dig out project...Please go to and click on the Donate button to make a donation using PayPal.

All money donated goes directly to these projects.


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