Monday, March 28, 2011

WHAT’S UP WITH McCarren Dog Run?

After over 18 month’s worth of meetings, fundraising and negotiations, our Dry Well/French Drain Plan has been approved by the NYC Parks Department. This is great news!

For those new to the dog community, this will result in the end of puddles in the large dog run. Woo Hoo!

What’s next? Our contactor will submit our plans and begin the process of getting the permit so the work can get started. We are hopeful because all our previous conversations with NYC Parks and Brooklyn Parks Administrator/Open Space Alliance Executive Director Stephanie Thayer will help move this along.

What does it mean for the dog run now?

* We won’t be getting any new chips because once we get the permit we will have to remove them. So we are waiting.

* We can begin digging out the sides and bringing the mulch & chips to the center which will help with the dust and will help the contractor when work begins.

* We will most likely do another round of fundraising.

* We can also get new dogs users on the Google Group and let them know about our website –

Please contact the Dog Run volunteers working Parks on this Project

--or other improvements like better signs if you want to be more involved –


Yeah, things may be a little dusty and muddy for a little longer &

then we won’t have puddles!

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