Friday, September 30, 2011

Good evening Dog Run Users,

Did you know that we started this project over 2 1/2 years ago? It started off with a meeting of over 40 dog run users to committee of nearly 10 people. Now it is just the 3 of us - Billy (Oscar), Angela (Henry) and myself (Valencia and Ursula). We have worked with the best of intentions to move this forward, little steps, too many meetings and emails.

We have reached a point were we have to come back to the community and you have show us you support this project.

Here's the deal: With the most recent site visit, our contractor informed us that the quote that we had been working with did not include excavating the dog run of nearly a foot of chips and such from the whole dog run before they could start. We thought this was obviously part of the project and in all of our conversations had said include everything in the budget. As they informed us it was not. We have been able to negotiate some of this. I wish someone had told me that any construction project will take twice as long as they say and cost 40% more.  

We have the permit.  
We have a potential start date - October 10 or October 17.  
We need the funds to cover this additional expense. We need to raise another $3,500 to cover the excavating of the dog run which will mean taking out all the crap off the top of the dog run. It cost this much because of the roots of the trees the contractor has hire people to dig it out, then they have to cart the stuff away. I hate asking for another donation when y'all have been so generous but I must ask.

Your donation will show us that you want this to happen.

Your donation will make this project happen.

Your donation will mean no puddles.  

If installing drainage is important to you and your dog(s), make a donation this weekend. Go to the website - - and make a donation through the ChipIn widget or send your donation through paypal We MUST raise at least $1,500 by midnight, Sunday, October 2. 

Of course, we could find other ways to do this BUT the permit expires 12/31/11, it is a limited window in terms of starting with doing this with the smallest impact on the trees, and before the ground freezes.

If we don't raise at least $1,500 by midnight, Sunday, October 2, we have no choice but postpone the project. If we have to postpone the project, we will then schedule a community meeting and we will hand over the checkbook, our nonprofit status, the drainage plan and our respective knowledge over to another group of volunteers. We will also loss our $2,000 deposit to the contractor. We will be around to support them but we will not be the leaders.  

Show us you want Drainage in McCarren Dog Run. Make a donation at- - and make a donation through the ChipIn widget or send your donation through paypal

Thank you! Christine (Valencia and Ursula), Angela (Henry) & .Billy (Oscar)

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