Thursday, March 28, 2013

Status Update

McCarren Park Dog Run has been around for 10+ years. It has seen many transformations over that time as our community of local dog owners have pitched in to improve the space.  McCarren Dog Run Association is a non-profit organization conceived over 5 years ago by Christine Murray who started the 501(c)(3).  It is committed to maintaining and improving the condition of the park and its community. With the help of many people and businesses along the way, the organization has made several significant improvements to the park: the drainage system was put in place in 2011 from the $20,000 raised by the community, tools have been made accessible, regular clean ups have been organized and more awareness has been raised regarding dog park etiquette. 

Our new board is so lucky and excited to use the resources left to us by our predecessors. To show our gratitude to Christine, the founding board members and their original mission, we are committed to:
  • continue promoting responsible dog ownership and working to maintain a safe and clean dog run;
  • using existing funds only toward the direct improvement of the park;
  • maintaining a board that is comprised of a majority of independent dog run users instead of dog business owners.
Agreeing on these resolutions, our new board of directors met for the first time on Monday to discuss the short-term goals we are out to accomplish. Check out our Facebook page and come on down to the park to see the improvements we are making. One of our central goals here is to foster a tighter community of dog run users who are willing to help make the park a healthy, safe and fun place for our dogs.

Soooo, please don't hesitate to reach out and see how you can get involved. Together we can all bring McCarren Park Dog Run to new heights and we look forward to it.

McCarren Dog Run Association

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