Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dog Runs are for Dogs: Keeping Dogs & Kids Safe

Several members have noted and expressed concern about an increase in parents who bring young children into both runs. The Rules of the Runs sign at the gate of the large run states that children must be accompanied by adults. The identical sign that used to hang on the gate of the small run has disappeared...a new one is forthcoming.

In the interest of the safety of children and dogs, I wanted to remind everyone:

-the dog run is designated for dogs and their adult caretakers.

-the dog run is not a petting zoo

-the dog run is not a playground (there is a playground at Driggs & Lorimer)

-the dog run is not a picnic area (there are tables and benches right outside the run).

-many dogs (especially smaller breeds) are afraid of children

-dogs may bite out of fear

-dogs relieve themselves in the run

-the run, therefore, can be a source of parasites like Giardia (to which humans and animals are susceptible)

-therefore, a child who plays in the run like it is a sandbox, or who eats while playing in the run might get ill.

If you are a parent who wants to enter a run with your young child, please ask those in the dog run if their dogs are okay with small children before bringing her/him in.

As a small dog owner, I want my dog run to be as safe and healthy an environment as possible (for dogs and humans of all ages). If you are a dog owner who witnesses some behavior that you know to be potentially dangerous, say something. Say something to the adult in charge and to others in the run. If the behavior continues, work as a group or leave the run.


McCarren Dog Run User & Small Dog Owner

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