Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dog Run Fundraiser with Baked Goods

Saturday’s fund-raiser was a success! We raised over $700 at the table
and received a $200 commitment to build benches. Leftovers were
donated to the soup kitchen in Greenpoint. We added nearly fifty
members to the e-mail list, and several dog-run users offered to
volunteer at future events—welcome and thank you to all of them!

In previous meetings, dog-run users have expressed their interest in
making the following improvements, many of which we can now work

* Benches for both runs (approx. $200–$250 for materials), which a
volunteer has offered to build in the next month or so.
* Small Bulletin Board for smaller dog run (approx $100)
* New Water-Drinking Station (approx. $100). This will be a place for
water jugs and drinking bowls and will be relocated to the space where
Dio was impaled. The goal is to help prevent the chips from becoming
so high, thus making it a safer, less jumpable corner.
* A New Water Jug or Two since the person who lent them needs them
back (approx. $100)
* Short Term Solution to the Fence Spikes (approx. $100 to $300),
while a long-term solution is negotiated with the parks department.
* Establishing a rainy-day fund for emergency repairs that we can
continue to build up.

In addition, we might consider making donations to our partners in
keeping the dog run operating:
* The North Brooklyn Open Space Alliance (OSA), whose efforts in
McCarren Park support our own
* NYC Dog, for their ongoing advocacy for dog issues in New York City
and our parks

And THANK YOU to the following donors and volunteers:

* The dog run's best friend forever, Ms. Joan from PS 9...always
willing to support us in every way
* Our coffee-loving friends at Urban Rustic. We loved the donated
coffee and love the cart that makes the best egg sandwiches!
*Our new friends at Must Luv Dogs for the yummy treats. We are very
happy to be partnering with them.
* All the volunteer bakers who put a little love into so many yummy treats.
* The day’s volunteers: Brett, incoming co-dog run czar, for doing
some of the heavy lifting and having such a generous attitude; Angela,
incoming co-dog run czar and force behind Saturday’s successful event,
and her husband, Jeff, for some of the other heavy lifting and having
a rain-contingency plan; Angela's friend who doesn't even have a dog
but baked, greeted, and helped organize the event; Rebecca, for adding
all our new e-mail list subscribers; and Christine, would-be outgoing
dog-run czar and constant dog-run consultant, for all her advice and

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