Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Your Dog & Stagnant Water, Not a Good Combination

Thank you, PS 9 for alerting the community about Leptosporosis.*

As always, if your dog is acting sick or not its normal self, take him/her to your vet to be checked out.

Most of all, don't bring a potentially unhealthy dog to the run.

Stagnant water no matter where it is in the city (in or outside of the dog run) carries the potential for many diseases.

Do NOT let your dog play in or drink stagnant water or eat mud. Playing in muddy pools carries the potential for danger,
especially in the context of an overly wet summer like the one we currently are encountering.


If you have been in a muddy area, wash or wipe off your dog's paws (so that it does not lick the paws and then ingest something harmful)

If you see a sick dog in the run, tell the owner about the EXTREME danger of parasites and recommend that they get their dog tested and remove the dog from the run.

After all this rain, this parasite could be in a variety of places that water pools and rats enjoy.

As always, be careful and be responsible.

* Want to read PS9"s email, get on the McCarren Google Group either click on the link on the website or email mcdogrun.org.

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