Monday, October 03, 2011

How did we do?

I know I have said it before but y'all amaze me, you really just amaze me.   How did we do?

We met our goal of raising $1000 for the matching grant from Must Luv Dogs/Happy Dogs   We raised the $1,500 by midnight, Sunday, October 2. 

But wait it didn't stop there, you kept giving.  I got paypal notifications, I got emails, I got calls, people gave me money on the street, they left money at PS9 and Must Luv Dogs/Happy Dogs, I met people at the Dog Run in the morning and evening.  With all that generosity, I was speechless and a little teary.  

It didn't STOP with those donations, then Must Luv Dogs/Happy Dogs committed to up to a total of $2,500 to support our dog run drainage project (including their original matching gift).   This is truly amazing!  Thank you Must Luv Dogs/Happy Dogs for being a great neighbor.

We (Billy, Angela and I) are so touched how y'all responded to our plea.    It was looking pretty dark last week so your support was just overwhelming.   Thank you SO much for showing us that you want drainage in McCarren.   

We raised ALL money ...  did you hear that We raised ALL the money for the dig out portion of the project.  Not just the money for the challenge grant BUT all the money need for this phrase of the project.   We raised over $4,000 to cover the dig out.  

So what happens NEXT, the contractor digs out the dog run this is scheduled to happen next week,  check the website, signs or email for the exact day.  During this time we ask that we try not to use the run, Dogs will be able to use the run during the morning, late afternoon and evening but probably from 10 to 4 will be off limits.  

Once the RUN IS DUG OUT  which should take few days, then the  contractor will start installation of the drainage.  Please NOTE during this phase, the big dog run will be CLOSED, the gate will be LOCKED and only the contractor will have access.   This will last about 5 days.  The small dog run will be a shared area for all dogs during this time.   Once the drainage is installed, the Parks Department will be bring fresh, clean wood chips.  After those are down, McCarren Dog Run will be open for business again!   

As the dates get confirmed, I will email, post on the web and run.   Please help spread the word.   Send this email to your dog friends in North Brooklyn.  

Thank you for all your generosity to support this project.

Christine (Valencia & Ursula - pictured above)

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