Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Why is the Big Run Locked?

Hello Dog Community, 

I want to first apologize for any inconvenience closing the dog run
this evening and tomorrow morning has caused. Hopefully you all saw the
progress that was made with the big dig. The contractor made the decision to
lock the dog run because the dumpster company was late on delivering
our dumpster and feared all the dogs in the run would flatten the mounds. 
Since the dumpster has arrived, hopefully we will open the run
tomorrow evening for use. 

During this time, dogs will all be using the Small Dog Run.  Please be
considerate of others.   Not all small dogs get along with big dogs.   And
not all big dogs are good with small dogs.   Talk to each other, let people
know if your dog(s) has issue ie.  doesn't get along with small fluffy dogs
when one is about to enter the run.    Small run can get pretty crowd so be
aware of your dog and the others. 

Thank you for your patience as well as your generosity. 

Christine & the Demon Dogs 

PS Despite the inconvenience today, aren't glad the project has started? 

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